, Seeing Mindless Self Indulgence tonight was...

Seeing Mindless Self Indulgence tonight was absolutely amazing! Standing in line, I got recognized from tumblr, people were loving my sign, Lyn-Z even told me I was fucking awesome for making it and that she laughed when she saw it onstage! When I heard the intro to Tornado, I instantly raised my sign up to which Jiimmy reached for it and began to wave it while singing! I was front and center the entire show only one person in front of me! MSI played the new songs which fucking killed! While waiting to have my zig zags signed Jimmy and I did the wave and he sucked upon my finger…Got them all to sign my sign so it is a signsquared as well as my papers so I can get high with MSI. After we got the picture with him, he slapped my ass and called me a faggot. I don’t think this night could have gone any better! GREAT FUCKING SHOW.

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    Your sign was rad and so was MSI last night!
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    I greatly appreciate your taste in sign songs.
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