Annotations of Toy Story 3

toy story 3 

toys grow up and understand that life isn’t what it used to be, just like how it is when you are andy’s age, and so at the day care the children that come and go are symbolic of people in your life that come and go of which you seek approval i.e. getting played with,

the preschoolers are symbolic of being low class or poor, which the kids are life, and they are rough on the toys or “us” and the big kid room is the higher class where everyone is well taken care of and the toys from the big kid room automatically shunned the new toys just like older people that have their life set shun college kids and never even acknowledge or give them a chance, they just shun them straight to low class and don’t care about their well being.

when buzz gets accepted into the big kid room means he was a poor kid and made something of himself or atleast got a full ride scholarship and didn’t quite fit in, and the peopl at the college looked down upon him for not paying his way into college and it was handed to him.

Lotso and daisy were a couple and chuckles and big baby were the children, of course it said that lotso and daisy were in love, but one day they all took a nap, and they were left behind, and daisy went on a ride home, could mean that the wife had a thought and just couldn’t stay and so she found a new husband i.e. the parents got her a new doll, and when the evil lotso saw them together it was a husband walking in on his wifes affair, being so frustrated and angered he left and took the children who wanted to stay with their mommy but the abusive, aggressive father dragged them away against their will.

Woody, the rich kid who came back to the hood to see his friends, was shocked and appalled to see how it actually is, he thought it was crazy and just chaos.

lotso is a cult leader.

the dump is death, you can leave and go to heaven or stay and go to hell. conveyor belt was the river styx. the fire pit means that you have to accept the fact that you will die one day. or the fire is damnation, and like the aliens see it, the claw is a diety, and it literally saved them, “saved their souls”

every theme ties into what lies ahead of people venturing to college like andy did, so all the problems the toys had can be different ways that andy’s life can go