Garden of Earthly Delights

How does that even go down?
Guy: Hey babe, I bought you some flowers.

Girl: Flowers? For me? Let me put them in some water.

Guy: No.

Girl: What do you mean no? If I don’t they will wilt and die much quicker.
Guy: I don’t care. You know where I want them.
Girl: Again?
Guy: Yes again. Now do it.
Girl: Okay I guess.
Guy: *while tapping his fingers into a pyramid* Good, yes. Who’s a good little flowerpot.

Little Sunflower

Ignorance is bliss, 

Said the sunflower to the bull 

as the wave crashed down 

shedding light from the red.

Thinking aloud and talking about seeds 

the little sunflower became deceased.

and the bull carried on with the garden

in the back of it’s mind.

because when you’re living life

and not taking chances

everything around you

all slowly passes

till you’re left out 

and flowers are blooming 

with the waves in the background 

and the red light shining

Brightly it presents to guide you in time

but all in all 

not a laughing matter of sky

wind, sun or surf

blinded by seeds 

staring dirt in the face

covered in grime, 

bruised by fate

but the fate of choice 

not simply in manner, 

I’m speaking of life 

I can’t speak any faster

about the tales of life

and how it goes on

no matter what 

as the new sunflower dawns

shedding a leaf

a silent tear

we all now realized 

the sunflower’s fear

of being last 

and sicking it out alone

in the field of waves

in the light of red

the bull trampled the rest

leaving them dead

to the view of the little sunflower

to hold it against her

and abuse it’s power.


Lee Pound


Lee Pound

big ass painting i did, storm trooper and flash roses :D

big ass painting i did, storm trooper and flash roses :D