Here ya go, some more photos from the filming.

So, here’s the photos from the Mythbuster’s episode I was in, that I LEGALLY couldn’t show you guys until today. It was a hell of a lot of fun!
The last pic of the leg was the souvenir that the director let me take home [:

I’ll upload some more pics in a minute or two.

Essay #3 How it Started

Martin Fero



Essay #3

How it started.

“Removing the head or destroying the brain.” Was the first broadcasted method of protection I can remember by CPT news anchor Marcus Fog.

            I wish I could say that was my first time being informed of the epidemic, but sadly I cannot. It was the summer of 2016 and I was at the Santa Carla Boardwalk enjoying a peaceful family outing with my wife and our two children. My son Link, kept harassing our daughter Zelda with whatever debris he could find along the shore. We were walking up towards the boardwalk ready to head home for a peaceful night of pizza and movies. We were almost to the boardwalk steps when we heard the first scream. Blood-curdling it rang through the air, I’ll never forget it. Everybody in the area immediately faced to see where this wailing was coming from, once I saw it I wish I hadn’t standing there was a man cut everywhere and dripping with blood. This was not the sight though, the screams of terror came from a middle aged woman who’s young daughter couldn’t be older than five had her arm caught in-between this mans teeth. As he savagely gnawed on her arm the young girl was crying and screaming in pain, everybody around her was too frozen with fear and shock coursing through their veins. After the shock sub-sided the little girl’s mother shoved the bleeding assailant and grabbed her daughter. A few men grabbed the cannibal and pinned him to the ground, clutching her daughter and telling her that everything was going to be alright the woman let out another blood-curdling scream as her child went limp and lifeless in her arms. One of the men holding down the bleeding man got a little to close and was bitten, yelling and pointing to the chunk of flesh missing from his fore arm, he started beating the helpless man on the floor. While everybody was focused on the man beating his cannibalistic captive, nobody noticed when the dead little girl’s finger started twitching, then her whole hand, finally her entire body convulsed and in the midst of a seizure she wailed and sank her teeth into her mothers shoulder. Shortly after the same thing happened to the man beating the life out of a bloody corpse. Panic ensued as everybody scurried to their vehicles to immediately vacate. I grabbed my family and we ran to our car, unfortunately we had to pass the circle of cannibalism I tried to keep watch of all of our surroundings trying to keep a look out incase any of the “Biters” were heading our way. The Man and the little girl were now grabbing onto anybody within reach and bringing them down and would dine on their flesh. The first “Biter after being beaten to a pulp, got up and carried on with the carnage. Thank the Goddesses I was able to get my family to our car and we were able to get home safely amongst the madness.

            I worked at the Center for Disease control. I know exactly what this is and how it came to be, I wish I didn’t. I truly do. But sadly, what has been done cannot be undone. We were careless, caught up in our own greed. We never paid any attention to what was really going on. It wasn’t long till I started doing my research and piecing it all together. Just a warning though, the truth may come as a shock to you.

                        Have you ever heard of G.M.O. foods? Of course not, many people haven’t since the Food and Drug Administration passed a bill back in 2012 stating that foods containing G.M.O.s do not have to be labeled if they contain any. G.M.O.s, are Genetically Modified Organisms. This occurs when farmers use any type of chemicals or nutrients to ensure a rich and bountiful harvest, be it an insecticide or nutrients to make the plants stronger and healthier, the additives overtime will eventually change the organism all together. Scientists were also tampering with the genetics of alfalfa, and corn to make them faster growing and larger. When a certain animal is bread for mass production the same process of genetic modification is applied to them. The first genetically modified animal to be sold in theU.S.was the super-fast-growing-salmon, but it certainly wasn’t the last. With all the genetically modified alfalfa being fed to cows, this eventually led to BSE or Mad Cow Disease. The majority of the population believed that BSE was caused by the cattle being fed the remains of their own species. This theory was wrong. The real cause of BSE was all of the chemical imbalances in the G.M.O.s that eventually it changed the cows DNA enough to react harshly to all of the chemicals.  This is when the government put a stop to the chemicals that were being added. Seeing how certain compounds would alter certain organisms, the government experimented with other means of G.M.Os.

            Fall of 2011 lead to a minor outbreak of Listeria.

“As of 11am EDT on September 26, 2011, a total of 72 persons infected with the four outbreak- started on or after July 31, 2011. The number of infected persons identified in each state is as follows: California (1), Colorado (15), Florida (1), Illinois (1), Indiana (2), Kansas (5), Maryland (1), Missouri (1), Montana (1), Nebraska (6), New Mexico (10), North Dakota (1), Oklahoma (8), Texas (14), Virginia (1), West Virginia (1), Wisconsin (2), and Wyoming (1).”

            This minor outbreak lead to 13 deaths in theUnited States. Jensen Farms inHolly,Colorado, agreed to a recall after their cantaloupe melons caused this disease. Listeria was not in the media until a farm inNebraskahad their cattle display sever signs of Listeria. This lead to the major outbreak of Listeria in the spring of 2013. The first case of a human displaying signs of Listeria was first documented inOakley,Californiawhere a man, Brett Clemmons was diagnosed as having Type 2 Listeria which left him with a high fever, and a severe case of necrosis on his body where he had received lesions from his career as a metal worker. This then lead to a major outbreak and had scientists and doctors rushing to find a cure. In total, the Listeria outbreak of 2013 had over 300 documented fatalities, all from severe necrosis.

            Through the years of plants and animals being genetically altered to be strong and survive, it eventually was passed on to humans and created what we called the L-gene in our bodies. The L-gene was attained by years and years of consuming the G.M.O.s. In mid 2016 there had been reports of Listeria making a comeback, instead this time, it induced hypothermia and necrosis and a feeling of un-ending hunger. This final outbreak of Listeria, I came to find out is the sole cause for what we refer to as the Z-virus. The Z-virus attacks the host with a hypothermia which causes them to convulse and spasm as their limbs cannot handle what it is feeling. Through the hypothermia the host dies. When the host is dead, the Z-virus works its way into the L-gene and causes the body to re-animate through a chemical process now known as Necrosis-Symbiosis. The Z-virus literally caused zombies to roam the streets, following their most basic of instincts, the search for food.

We should have seen the warning signs when we were analyzing the Type 2 Listeria. But we were too late. The zombies spread rapidly in the large cities of theU.S.:New York,Los Angeles,San Francisco. The only food source these zombies craved was human flesh. The first few cases of people being brought into a hospital for sustaining a bite from a stranger on the street. Once in the hospital, the hypothermia took over these peoples bodies and that is when they themselves re-animated. In hospitals across the country, it didn’t take long for the virus to spread. This caused an epidemic. With people barricaded in their own homes, trying to wait it out they scanned the internet and television for whatever glimmer of hope they could. Finally after two weeks the United States Government stepped in. Armed with assault rifles, tactical knives, and an order to destroy infected on sight our armed forces started the clean up in the big cities and proceeded outward, gaining help from whatever small town militia wanted to join the cause.

            Weeks after the government got involved the threat of the zombies was significantly decreased. Unfortunately, so was the population of the U.S. Society was forever changed, Life seemed almost as if we lived in the 1800’s people bartered for food, street merchants became plentiful. Only the high class remained the same.

            Needless to say, the threat still remains largely in rural areas. If you are located in a small rural town and need to leave the safety of your homes, do so with caution and protection.

            Wear thick clothing. The thicker, the better so that the infected cannot pierce through.

Carry some sort of blunt object. With a baseball bat or a 2x4 you can effectively destroy an infected’s brain.

Always carry a knife for those emergency close encounters, and you can stab the blade through the infected’s skull.

Guns can cause unwanted attention.

Blades never need reloading.

And I will never forget, “Removing the head or destroying the brain.”

If this post can get 27 notes, I will post my Post Zombie Outbreak essay I just wrote for class.

with real facts. Also it’s going to be included in my short story.

Modesto Zombie Walk, Kevin ( ) and I as Ed and Shaun.

Modesto Zombie Walk, Kevin ( ) and I as Ed and Shaun.



crappy I know,

crappy I know,


Zombie Yoda by MartyDMF.


Zombie Yoda by MartyDMF.